My Free Wallpaper Series Number 3!


My free wallpaper series number 3. Download it to your phone or desktop and enjoy!

Human Spaces Series3

Weekend blogging is the best! Too bad it’s Monday ;-)! 

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My 1st article in the Minimalist Life Mag!

I got my first Minimalist article published a few seconds ago, so I thought I would share. It was published by The Minimalist in their Minimalist Life Magazine.


For the podcast, I hit my 2000th download, so thats also really cool and exciting. Here is the last Episode I put out last Sunday:

Finally, got a hang on my topic for my Human Spaces podcast, started Fresh!


Just in case you missed it, here is my second wallpaper. Download and enjoy!

HS Wallpaper Series Two

HS Wallpaper Two


I know its not Sunday, but I was too excited to wait to share my good news!

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podcast 001 |Life After Minimizing

The easy part is done! We are all now proclaimed minimalist, but how do we maintain it?How do we keep our spaces decluttered, organized, minimized and capsulized. How can create the habit of living a minimalist, organized, decluttered and capsulized lifestyle? How do we actually maintain this great change, because the struggle is real and the challenge only begins for all of us post-decluttering, post-minimization, post-capsulization of our lives and as we being trying to actually live our lives as a minimalist?Recognizing that the real challenge comes after we have minimized our lives in the post-minimalized phase of your transition to a life of intention, this podcast focuses on helping people maintain their minimized, decluttered, organized and capsulized lifestyle.

Humanist Minimalist-13

The podcast is published every Sunday.  At the end, of the podcast, I give a few other quick tips. Happy Listening and have an awesome Sunday! Listen, share and leave me comments, ratings and awesome feedback, but most importantly, I hope you enjoy the moment!

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Here is a second wallpaper from my wallpaper series. Download and Enjoy!

HS Wallpaper Two


My Wallpaper Series Number Two: Enjoy!


My wallpaper series number two. Download it to your phone or desktop and enjoy!

HS Wallpaper Two

Weekend blogging is the best!

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