The horror and expense of getting furniture can have a new and better ending. Living in a digital age we can get furniture free or at a great price. When I moved into my Manhattan apartment, I spend 10,000 dollars cash in a few hours on just furniture. What a waste!

Once you buy it, you will never see that money again, so here are some tips to not make the same mistake as me -as some studies say people spend on average between 10,000 and 160,000 to furnish their home and work-. 


1.COMMUNITIES: If you can not afford it don’t your credit card. There are tons groups online and locally that are giving away furniture. I am a member of a few on Facebook, so just Google free furniture or furniture give aways and you can find some awesome options (ex. or

2.FAMILY: Call your parents and grandparents. If they are anything like mine, they have tons of furniture that they never use and you can have for free.

3. CHARITY SHOPS: Brilliant! Most big or international groups have stores setup up just for furniture sales. The American Red Cross is a great example. The furniture is in great quality, the price is almost nothing, you know your money goes to doing a good deed and creating 0% more waste in an already clutter world. 


Art Potluck

An Art Potluck Party is a great and free way to get new art into your home and work spaces. It is also a great opportunity to hang out with your friends or get to know your colleagues over a night or afternoon of good food, laughter, and exchange. The purpose of the game it to get everyone who is attending to bring art from their home(s) or work that they never use, do not like or would like to replace. Then during the party people can see the art that everyone has brought and exchange their pieces until everything they brought has found a new home and they have also gotten some pieces that will add great ambiance, value and a fresh style to their space at home or at work. 


Here are the rules, feel free to reorganize them to make your Art Potluck Party unique: 

  1. Try to keep the number to about 10 people, because after that it can get crazy.
  2. Define what is art and what it is not, so everyone is clear on what they can bring.
  3. Put a minimum and maximum of pieces for entry. If this is for work, there is no need to set a minimum or maximum, wherever excess you have presents a great opportunity to donate it to a local charity, as mentioned in Podcast 003 | Art. 
  4. Have everyone bring one dish to share, as it is still a potluck and you will need to eat. It is always great to make sure you do not end up with same food 10 times, so asking your guests if they are bringing a salty, sweet or savory helps everyone out. 
  5. You will have to either make or buy some kind of ticket or trading currency for the exchanges. I recommend using something easy or fun like stick pads or stickers. 
  6. Give everyone one ticket (or your currency of choice) for each piece of art they brought to exchange. Each ticket gets them one new piece of art during the exchange. 
  7. Let everyone know that they should definitely start looking for the pieces they want.
  8. As its about the opportunity to share and participate in a kind of shared economy, do not do any negotiating until after sharing your randomly yummy dishes. 
  9. With lunch or dinner done, start the trade, but do not stop the good times or party.
  10. If any pieces are left, offer to take them to your local charity for donation. If people prefer to take their unchosen art pieces home or back to their office that works too.
  11. Remember this is all about having fun, reinventing or repurposing things that you own, but never use (that could add value and happiness to someone else home) and at time to spend some good old quality time with the people you love or work with.