The minimalist in me! I was not always this way. In fact, I was a consumer most of my life and one day in October 2016, I stopped and looked at the one thing in my life that was not adding value and it was my consumerist side. In a second, I changed my life, as my mother would say, ” Harlem, your ability to adapt and change when you want is a unique gift that most people would never dear to try.” Wanting to make sure I took full advantage of my life, I became a minimalist and decluttered my life, apartment and soul.


This led me here. I thought what if I shared my creative ideas on minimalist, green and travel home designing. Discussed the post declutter shift for unintentional possessions to 100% intentional possessions that actually add value, passion, love, energy and inspiration to your life. I thought this was a great idea, as the world is packed with minimalist or people on minimalist journey’s sharing stories about their journey to minimalism. Throwing out all the stuff over hours, days, months or even years. But what then? How do you know what you need to put back in your life to add value? Where do you find these creative ideas, if you do not have a creative ability? How do you find it or create it without heavy financial cost? Where was the same support for the people who had successfully decluttered their lives and wanted now add things with intentionality and clear value added purpose. This gave me the drive to create a blog about the post-declutter or post-minimalist reorganization and rebuilding of home that is intentionally filled with things that add value to your life.


I decided in the end, that the parts about the post-declutter and rebuilding of my home that was most important and challenging for me was to maintain my decluttered, organized, minimalist lifestyle. It is important to me as a person that wants to have possessions that I can move with me or take with me if I have a business trip, decide to go backpacking, am visiting friends for the weekend or just want to move from one apartment to the other without needing friends and pizza, as payment for their help in me moving all my stuff. 


I am not a blogger by nature, so my ideas continue to evolve and as this has not really been done, I’m kind of having to create my own approach with it. I started a podcast too, but both my blog and podcast will be in a state of continuous evolution, as I continue to learn on my own journey to living as a minimalist and creating my minimalist style home. I feel really proud about this, as I did not have the courage for a long time and just watched by the sidelines, much like with blogging. It gives me something to look forward to each Saturday and Sunday, so now my mornings on the weekends are packed with blogging and podcasting. 


However, at the same time, I pursued my professional and educational goals, as I believe in life you need a balance between your personal passions or hobbies and your professional career and ambitions.  The most recent of them was getting my MS in International Human Resources Management and Organizational Development and a MBA in International Business Development and Entrepreneurship in France. My older sister often teases that she has no idea how I find the time to work, make good grades and travel the world. At age 27, I set off to see the world and spend every moment of my life when I was not as school or work seeing the world. Everyone has a hobby, I choose traveling. I have traveled the world a few times around to visit over 100 countries (some 2 or 3 times each), 500+ cities, hitchhiked, Couchsurfed and tasted all the awesome food the world has to offer.  Having a lifetime of experiences to filled my mind with happy memories, when I am old and can no longer go those distances. 

So, that’s a little about me. A creative person sharing her creative post-declutter and post-minimalization home decorating ideas on how I  maintain my minimalist, organized and decluttered lifestyle post my declutter and minimalization transformation with some ramblings on how you can use coffee grinds to do so many cool things, weekend podcasts and free wallpapers of some of my favorite personal quotes.






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