Decluttered? Now the real hell starts!

Post-Declutter: Can I really maintain this lifestyle. A decluttered, organized, green and minimalist lifestyle. I hope so! For me becoming a minimalist was the easy part, but maintaining a minimalist way of life post-declutter, post-minimalizing and post-capsulating my wardrobe to a sexy collection of only solid black, blue, tan and gray garments is my current challenge. It is where my hell starts, as minimizing was the easy part and actually living a committed life of intentionality and simplicity is the hard part. 


Having spent the better 100% percent of my life as a consumerist. Ok 99% of my life, as it has been a whole six months, since I started this journey to moving from a life of stuff to a life of intentionality. A decluttered, organized, green and minimalist lifestyle. Well if, I am honest. The green part has been a core value for me long before minimalism, but with a decluttered, organized, minimalist and intentional lifestyle, it only helps me to have a greener lifestyle. 


The struggle is real! Everytime, I walk by a store, a grocery shop or open my computer. I can hear my mind saying. Didn’t you for get to buy something? Remember you promised to buy yourself this last week or month? You know you always wanted to try that and now it is on sale! The cost is totally worth the experience of trying that new product or adding that new item to your wardrobe. Isn’t it?!?!?! I am not sure if it’s as hellish for you, but my struggle is real! It has the bite of a hungry man and the persistance of a  2-year-old! 


Then I look around and think about all the money I have wasted. The time I wasted shopping. By time, I mean hours, days and years of my life scrolling down page by page across or wondering the clothing store or supersize supermarket. The post lifestyle struggle is so real for me. I do not want to pretend it’s not!


To provide myself some support. I have taken to not buying anything that I “need” or “want” without having at least 30-days pass. Once I receive the product, I immediately incorporate it into my lifestyle and spaces. If the product is food or new vitamin or supplement, I never buy more than a 30-day supply. No matter if the 60-day supply is cheaper than the 30-day supply. This strategy is not a long-term one, but it definitely helps as I continue to move into a life of less stuff, intentionality and consciousness. 

Loving Weekend Blogging,

Happy Sunday, 



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