The horror and expense of getting furniture can have a new and better ending. Living in a digital age we can get furniture free or at a great price. When I moved into my Manhattan apartment, I spend 10,000 dollars cash in a few hours on just furniture. What a waste!

Once you buy it, you will never see that money again, so here are some tips to not make the same mistake as me -as some studies say people spend on average between 10,000 and 160,000 to furnish their home and work-. 


1.COMMUNITIES: If you can not afford it don’t your credit card. There are tons groups online and locally that are giving away furniture. I am a member of a few on Facebook, so just Google free furniture or furniture give aways and you can find some awesome options (ex. or

2.FAMILY: Call your parents and grandparents. If they are anything like mine, they have tons of furniture that they never use and you can have for free.

3. CHARITY SHOPS: Brilliant! Most big or international groups have stores setup up just for furniture sales. The American Red Cross is a great example. The furniture is in great quality, the price is almost nothing, you know your money goes to doing a good deed and creating 0% more waste in an already clutter world. 


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