Blog Moving

Hi or CouCou!  I have not posted in a while, because I really want to think about what I wanted to share by blogging and podcasting. I finally arrived at a good frame! I decided to start fresh, delete this blog and slowly build the new blog and podcast, so don’t be afraid a full blog is coming with careful and intentional sculpting ;-). The … Continue reading Blog Moving


The horror and expense of getting furniture can have a new and better ending. Living in a digital age we can get furniture free or at a great price. When I moved into my Manhattan apartment, I spend 10,000 dollars in a few hours on Furniture. What a waste! Once you buy it, you will never see that money again, so here are some tips to no make the same mistake as me as some studies say people spend on average between 10,000 and 160,000 to furnish their home and work. Continue reading Furniture

Art Potluck

Art Potluck Party is a great and free way to get new art into your home and work spaces. It is also a great opportunity to hang out with your friends or get to know your collegues over a night or afternoon of good food, laughter and exchange. The purpose of the game it to get everyone who is attending to bring art from their home(s) or work that they never use, do not like or would like to replace. Continue reading Art Potluck